Dreams I Have Had (About People in this Room)

by Deathsex Bloodbath

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Deathsex Bloodbath's Eurovision Song Contest entry, ignored by the idiot judges from the United Kingdom. Also appears on The Siren: Noises 2014, released in December 2014.


I dream of something you've never dreamed
You are the elegant mansion or something in my dreams
And if the girl in my dreams is not the girl of my dreams
Then the girl of my dreams must be the girl in my dreams
Taking a riding crop, I will apply it to her clitoris
And I'm not sure if that's erotic or medically desirable but
We're at the risk of disgracing ourselves
So she suggests going back to hers
And we go back to hers.

She lives alone in a socialist utopia
A former stately home converted into flats
And the only thing in her flat is a mattress
And a laptop playing YouTube
She goes over to the laptop plays a song on YouTube
I disagree with her choice, play a song on YouTube
We spend the whole damn night playing songs on YouTube
Then at 8am, I get the bus back to mine
And when I wake up at 9am I curse the fact I cannot even get laid in my dreams
In my dreams
In my dreams

The next dream I said I'd never tell anyone except for Caitred
Who I trust not to put it in a song
I'm on holiday with my family in Germany and you're performing as the Rat King in a big top
I say "hey babe, what're you doing tonight?"
You're like "well, I'm kind of busy playing the Rat King
But if you come back to the big top at midnight
We can have some sexy Rat King fun"
I go back to the big top at midnight,
You hand me a mask and it's just like yours
We have the advertised sexy Rat King fun
It was hot
I was there, you were there, it was there
The was there, that was there, it was there


released December 24, 2014
Written by Sadogasm, Sororicide, Masokiss and Caitred.
Performed by Caitred, Justin Appropriate, Masokiss, Sadogasm and Sororicide.

Produced and recorded by MySin SoLong and Justin Appropriate at the Anal Basin and the Duck Thieves' Lair.
Mixed and mastered by Justin Appropriate.




Deathsex Bloodbath coventry, UK

Coventry's number one glam-garage sex-and-violence dreamboats/shipwrecks.

Deathsex Bloodbath were the biggest rock band of the 90s and 00s. With their releases still in limbo due to the liquidation of Mega Records, Bandcamp hosts re-recorded classics from their career.

Line-up: Sadogasm (guitar, vocals), Switchblade (vocals), Justin Appropriate (guitar), Masokiss (bass), Sororicide (drums).
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